Déborah and Grégory

Grégory Dandel

" Cooking has always been a passion for me.

When I was a child, I used to play at tea parties and watch my parents cook, dress the table, have people over...

My educational path was easy. I entered the hospitality school of Thonon-les-Bains to graduate a BAC technologie then a BTS art culinaire. Most important, it's in Thonon that I've met Deborah.

After that, I had the opportunity to work close to well known chefs like Anne Sophie Pic in Valence, Pierre Orsi in Lyon or Gerald Azoulay in Avignon. I've also been head chef at the restaurant Le moutardier du pape from december 2014 to december 2016. Opening our restaurant is a dream coming true and we are thrilled to have you over!"




Déborah Derieux

"Hospitality was not obvious at first for me. We had to learn to work together.

Through highly emotional experiences lived with Gregory, like the Championnat de France du dessert à l'assiette or us working together at Le moutardier du pape.

I've also had the occasion to work with inspiring professional chefs. Holder of a BTS and a Licence Arts Culinaires, Arts de la Table, I've worked in palaces in the Morbihan and in Rome.

I had the opportunity to improve my skills with the meilleur ouvrier de France and Champion du Monde des Desserts Glacés : Jean Christophe Vitte. Now, my concern is to put these experiences to good use to welcome you in our restaurant and for you to enjoy an amazing moment. "


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